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stainless steel plate manufacturers china break through the enci

2021-06-10 22:05:57

stainless steel plate manufacturers china break through the encirclement of market

Although the output of Chinas ceramic tile cutting machine industry is developing rapidly, it still faces many deep-seated problems, such as overproduction, low-grade products, poor quality, backward technology, large energy consumption and disordered competition. The future development of domestic ceramic tile cutting machine industry needs to start from the following strategic aspects and "work hard" to make a difference.

Adopting scale strategy

Collectivization and scale are the basic trend of modern enterprises. In recent years, Chinas ceramic tile cutting machine industry has done a lot of work, so that the industrial concentration and market competitiveness have been greatly improved, and began to turn to scale operation, but it has not formed an absolute scale advantage. Facing the challenge of economic globalization, domestic enterprises should find out their advantages according to the market positioning, break the original organizational form and regional boundaries, and consciously cultivate large enterprise groups through survival of the fittest in the market competition.

Adopt innovation strategy

The key factor for an enterprise to win in the international market competition is whether it can maintain its leading edge in technology. The domestic ceramic tile cutting machine industry should constantly aim at high technology, high starting point and high standard to build the enterprises science and technology development strategy, and establish a perfect technology innovation system and mechanism. It should not only pay attention to the cultivation of science and technology consciousness and the attraction of science and technology talents, but also proceed from reality, regard science and technology research and development as the backing, so as to achieve innovation in development and development in innovation.